Rasco Industries Commercial Bug Blocker Door

Keep the pests out with stainless steel wire mesh!

Bug Blocker

Twin City Garage Doors (s/b door) is your leading supplier of Bug Blocker products by Rasco Industries. The stainless steel wire mesh provides pest protection, high end security, and ventilation for commercial and industrial applications. The Bug Blocker product family comes in a variety of mesh sizes to provide for your individual needs. Whether you're keeping out the bad guys or discouraging mosquitoes, or you need a combination of both, our product works for you.

Bug Blocker Options:

Types of Bug Blockers:

The Bug Blocker steel mesh helps your company comply with all quality, safety, and security programs including Homeland Security, USDA, FDA, FSIS, AIB, and HACCP. It is custom built to fit your sizing specifications and suits all industrial and commercial establishments. The stainless steel wire mesh is secured to an aluminum frame making it easy to install and remove. The Bug Blocker can be cleaned using pressurized air or water.

Ventilate your warehouse or factory while maintaining a pest free environment with stainless steel mesh. For more information on Bug Blocker products, contact us! We can help you decide on the option that works best for your business.