Cornell M100 FireGard Garage Door Closing System

A safe and reliable choice for fire door applications

Cornell M100

Cornell M100 FireGard Closing Systems are a safe, reliable option for all types of fire-rated doors. This garage door opener uses an automatic reset option and works without disengaging the operator drive mechanism or releasing spring tension. Twin City Garage Door brings you the full line of Cornell garage door opening products.

Recommended applications:

M100 systems do not require connection to a separate alarm interface, fusible link release device. They are wired to activate with fire alarms, power outages and local detectors. They do not exceed 12" per second which makes them safe and controlled while closing.

Cornell M100 garage door openers:

A full line of release devices and safety accessories compatible with the Cornell M100 garage opening system is also available. If you are in need of a complete garage door system, you can also check out our full line of commercial garage doors. Contact Twin City Garage Door for more information. Our expert sales team will help you choose the products that fit your needs and budget requirements and our installation team will have you up and running quickly.