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High Speed Commercial Garage Doors

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High Speed Doors

Hormann Flexon High-speed commercial garage doors are some of the most high-tech and innovative doors on the market today. Their popularity continues to increase as more commercial operations discover the benefits of high speed garage doors. These doors display superior speed without sacrificing reliability or performance and are easily maintained in proper working order with minimal maintenance.

When your garage doors are opening and closing your building is losing valuable climate control. By using a high speed door to quickly return the door to the secured position you will save thousands in energy costs not to mention the time saved not waiting for the door to cycle.

Hormann Flexon High-speed commercial garage doors are used in demanding locations, such as cold storage and freezer units, parking garages, auto dealerships and maintenance locations, and high-traffic sanitary operations. Perfect for harsh environments and heavy usage, these commercial garage doors are built tough and designed to withstand weathering and damage for many years.

Ask us about the difference in the Hormann Flexon product versus the competitions! We will be happy to tell you why the Hormann Flexon high-speed door is superior to anything else on the market.

The high speed garage door models available are as follows:

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