Understanding commercial garage door opener safety laws.

Most people know that at your home you must have photo eyes to meet safety requirements. As a matter of fact, they have been required going all the way back to 1993.

However, commercial requirements differ from residential and have been changing at a slower pace so here is some information that may clear up some confusion.

In August of 2012 federal law went in to effect  requiring that all newly manufactured commercial door openers meet the UL325 safety code in one of two ways.

1) Close button must be set to require “constant contact” on close. What that means is the user is then forced to be standing at the opening the entire time the door is closing so should an obstruction occur they can release the close button and door will return to full open position.

2) If momentary contact is desired a monitored safety must be present. This would require either a photo eye mounted 6” above the floor or an electric safety edge.

Other safety products are available and often chosen to supplement the mandated safety.

This law is “Grandfathered” in so you can still have pre 2012 openers that do not meet this code serviced. We suggest that you check the safety on your garage door openers at least once a year.

Feel free to contact us for further information on garage door safety. We can answer your questions and if you would like we will arrange to come out and give a free inspection of your doors and openers.