Turn Your Garage into a Lifestyle

Your garage may be up to 30% of your home’s square footage, the question is, are you making the most of this space? Your garage is not limited to a parking spot for your car, or a place to put your junk, a garage can be used for much more than that. Your garage can also serve as an outdoor living space or entertainment area for friends and family.

How Do I Turn My Garage into a Functional Living Space?

Make the most of your outdoor living space, especially in the summer months. Whether you are looking for more space to host family and friends, or just want a place to hang out and relax, utilizing your garage space is an excellent choice. At Twin City Garage Door, we have lifestyle screen options to liven up your garage into more than just a parking spot.

Retractable Screen

The retractable screen is very versatile and can be used for garage doors, patios, or any other functional outdoor openings. These screens allow for a see-through and secure barrier to bring in the outside ventilation. The retractable screen gives you the option to keep the bugs and pests out, as well as open it up to bring in the outdoors.

One Piece Tip-up Door

This lifestyle screen is one that will liven up your garage, making you love your garage as more than a parking space. The one piece, tip-up screen has many options of sizes, frame colors, and screen fabrics to work with your existing door. These doors can be lowered when your garage door is up to keep bugs out and create a practical living area. These residential screens not only expand your living space but also add to the physical appeal of your home.

Bug Blocker Screen

The bug blocker screen is the third screen door option, more often used by commercial garages. Like the other two, this screen door keeps out bugs and pests while still bringing in outside ventilation. For commercial purposes, this door offers both securities from unwanted guests as well as bugs.

Take Your Pick

Whether you go with the simple retractable screen or choose the appealing one piece tip-up door, you will love your garage more than ever before. By creating a functional space with a screen door, you can turn your garage into an entertainment area, exercise space, man cave, she shed or just a place to relax. Keep your garage sunlit during the day and pest free during the evening with your custom TCGD lifestyle screen. At TCGD we offer durable doors that will keep your garage secure year-round. Contact TCGD today to choose the best lifestyle screen door to start your garage transformation.