myQ & Amazon Key In-Garage Deliveries

When you get a package delivered while you are not at home, you may worry that a thief might get to your package before you do. Amazon Key and the myQ by LiftMaster Smart Garage App help to alleviate some of these worries by delivering packages directly into your garage.

How Does the myQ App Work?

The myQ app connects to a smart garage opener that allows you to open and close your garage door from anywhere. Through the myQ app, you can easily close your garage door from anywhere if it was left open or you can open the door for repairmen, guests, or package deliveries.

What is Amazon Key?

Amazon Key is a feature offered to eligible Amazon Prime members. Key by Amazon allows customers to get packages conveniently delivered inside their garage. Amazon Key works with myQ connected smart garages.

How Does In-Garage Delivery Work?

Amazon Key In-Garage Delivery is simple to use. To use Amazon Key:

  1. Set up your myQ connected garage. Link your garage door to Amazon Key in the myQ app.
  2. When checking out, choose “Free Key Delivery”. If you change your mind, you can switch your order to doorstep delivery in the Amazon Key App.
  3. Drivers receive one-time secure access to your garage when they scan your package. After scanning your package your garage door automatically opens for them. There is no need to share a code or open the door for them.
  4. Before opening the garage door, Amazon will verify the package and the driver’s location. Then the driver can place the package inside your garage.

Is It Safe to Use In-Garage Delivery Services?

Using Amazon Key In-Garage Delivery is safe. Amazon runs comprehensive background checks on all its drivers before their first delivery. In addition, they verify the driver, the package, and the package location before the driver is given temporary one-time access to your garage. If you change your mind, you can revert to doorstep delivery at any time.

Do I Need a Camera for In-Garage Delivery?

Cameras are optional for Amazon Key In-Garage Delivery. You can choose to use a compatible camera to have the ability to watch deliveries in real-time. Compatible cameras include Ring Indoor Cam, Ring Stick Up Cam, and the myQ Smart Garage Camera.

Is my Garage Door Compatible with Amazon Key?

Your garage door is compatible with Amazon Key if you can already open and close your garage door with the myQ app. If you can’t open and close your garage door using myQ, you will need to install a myQ Smart Garage Hub in order to use Amazon Key. When you are setting up your myQ smart garage, you will be prompted to set up Amazon Key In-Garage Delivery.

TCGD Offers myQ Smart Garage Products

Twin City Garage Door can install and service myQ smart garage door openers in the Twin Cities and surrounding areas. At TCGD, we carry the full line of LiftMaster residential garage door openers. Our technicians are highly skilled in the installation and repair of a wide variety of garage doors and openers. To learn more about our services, contact us today!